DURHART 200 Advanced ceramic

DURHART 200 is an electro-fused wear ceramic that offers excellent abrasion resistant performance. Its production method by molding makes it possible to obtain all the shapes necessary to carry out abrasion resistant coatings. DURHART 200 is particularly resistant to tangential abrasion by very aggressive fine particles, even at high speeds, or by larger elements with low impact: the case of hoppers or chutes.

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Areas of application for Durhart 200 wear ceramics

DURHART 200 advanced ceramics are made from a mixture of very pure metal oxides (mainly Alumina, Zirconia and Silica) melted in an electric furnace at a very high controlled temperature (over 1800°C). The resulting mixture is then cast into sand molds of the desired shape and size. DURHART 200 keeps its characteristics up to very high temperatures (1500°C), is insensitive to atmospheric agents and offers a remarkable chemical inertia to bases and acids (except for hydrofluoric acid). PRODUR offers DURHART 200 in a large number of cases:

  • Pneumatic or hydraulic conveying elements
  • Mill linings
  • Transfer chutes
  • Cyclones
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Hoppers
  • Separator cones
  • Wall or floor linings

Durhart 200 wear ceramic manufacturing program

  • Standard piping elements
  • Standard slabs
  • Special parts made to measure
Thickness (mm) Form Dimension (mm)
25 to 50 Slab to be plugged or glued 20 x 150 à 250 x 250
25 Pipe Mini ID Ø50 interior
30 Elbow Mini ID Ø50 interior

NB: For any specific dimension, shaped part, custom part or particular constraint, please consult us.

The shape of DURHART 200 parts (slabs, tiles, tubes, elbows, cones, nozzles) depends on the structure to be protected. The blocking mortar is defined taking into account the operating conditions of the equipment: environment and temperature.

Fixing methods for technical ceramics

After adjustment and wedging in place of each DURHART 200 component, Durhart 200 wear ceramic is fixed:

  • Either with a mortar adapted to the conditions of use (temperature or chemical aggression),
  • Either by bolting to the substrate through a counterbore after the installation of a thin intermediate layer of flexible material,
  • Or by welding metal inserts introduced into the part during the casting process.


Mechanical properties of Durhart wear ceramic

  • Mohs hardness 9 (diamond reference = 10)
  • Abrasion resistance in suitable cases 3 to 5 times higher than DURZALT (See technical data sheet)

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