Produr and Welding Alloys specialists, with more than 50 years of experience in coal power station and alternative energy power plants, can advise and support you to combat wear and abrasion in your processes.

Abrasion resistant solutions for Power industries

Coal power plants, production of green energy from recycled materials (fluff, D.I.B., chips, cores, hulls, bagasse, sewage plant sludge, etc.), crushers, injectors, separators, mechanical or pneumatic transport equipment, ash extraction, fly ash recovery, gas cycloning, electrostatic precipitators, etc.

So many areas where your equipment is subjected to  abrasion and corrosion. Produr offers you wear resistant solutions for your applications in the Energy sector.


Our objective: to make your installations reliable and allow you to reach your objectives in terms of productive availability of your installations, protection of your investments and environmental safety of your site.

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