DURZALT 40 Advanced ceramic

DURZALT 40 technical ceramic: fused basalt

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Durzalt 40 Advanced ceramic, all the strength of basalt for your equipment

DURZALT 40 wear ceramic is a high quality fused basalt with very good abrasion resistance. It is produced in such a way that it can be molded into any shape required for abrasion-resistant coatings. DURZALT 40 is highly resistant to tangential abrasion from very aggressive fine particles, even at high speeds, or from larger elements with low impact.

It offers equipment wear protection unmatched by steels and outstanding economic efficiency. DURZALT 40 advanced ceramics are obtained by controlled fusion of natural basalt from selected volcanic stones. It is crushed to the required grain size and melted at a temperature of around 1250°C. DURZALT 40 wear ceramic is then cast into sand or metal molds to obtain the desired shapes.

Areas of application for wear ceramics

DURZALT 40 is particularly suitable to protect areas or equipment of severe abrasion with moderate impact, where the excellent sliding coefficient favors product flow:

  • Hoppers
  • Chutes
  • Chain conveyors
  • Piping elements, hydraulic or pneumatic transport
  • Cyclones, hydrocyclones
  • Separator cones
  • Wall linings
  • Industrial floors

The shape of the DURZALT 40 technical ceramic cladding (tile, tile, pipe, bend, cone, nozzle) depends on the structure to be protected.

The clamping mortar is engineered considering the process parameters : environment and temperature. DURZALT 40 colors ranges are from reddish brown to glossy black, depending on the type of mold used.

DURZALT 40 retains its properties even at high temperatures (350°C), is insensitive to atmospheric agents and has a very good chemical resistance to bases and acids (except hydrofluoric acid).

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Production programme for Durzalt 40 technical ceramics

  • Standard pipe elements
  • Standard slabs
  • Special parts tailor made
Thickness (mm) Shape Dimension (mm)
30 to 50 Tile to be glued or sealed 200 x 150 to 250 x 250
18 to 25 Pipe Mini ID Ø50
25 Elbow Mini ID Ø50

For any specific dimensions, shaped parts, custom-made parts or particular constraints, please contact us. DURZALT ELBOW : cross-section

Mechanical properties of Durzalt 40 ceramic

  • Density 3.0
  • Mohs hardness (diamond reference = 10) 8
  • Abrasion resistance in suitable cases 6 to 7 times higher than steel.

How technical ceramics are fixed

After the individual DURZALT 40 components have been adjusted and wedged in place, they are fixed with a mortar suitable for the process parameters (temperature or chemical aggression).