Monobloc hardfaced blades

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MONOBLOC blades without additional inserts, for maximum life and safety

Hardfaced blades performance

Monobloc Blades are manufactured from a DURSTEEL abrasion resistant steel plate, directly hardfaced with high Chromium cast iron material

Monobloc blades safety & efficiency

No inserts or plates are added or welded on the blade which could be removed during utilization (risks for people and materials).

Hardfaced blades : Metallurgy

Stringer weld beads overlay:

Stringer weld beads allows to obtain a more homogeneous overlay (fine carbides) and more constant in thickness, finer and better distributed cracks, a low dilution in the support plate.

These elements give Monobloc blade an extreme wear resistance compared to conventional welding processes.

These blades are particularly suitable for severe applications, very abrasive materials, high temperatures, corrosion.

Produr and Welding Alloys, manufacturers of these products, design the grades of the plate and the overlay according to customers process (temperature, shocks, corrosion).

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