Tuffplate Wear plate

Tuffplate wear resistant plate

Tuffplate is a clad plate produced with stringer weld beads, its rich Titanium Carbide hardfacing dispersed in a tool steel type matrix gives it exceptional properties in terms of impact, pressure and abrasion resistance. The cladding hardness is between 58 and 62 HRC and is composed of hard phases about 3200 HV.

This very hard deposit is made by parallel beads welded to the base metal. These continuous beads are also fused longitudinally to obtain a very flat and homogeneous surface. The clearly visible cracks, perpendicular to the beads, are shrinkage cracks which prove that the stresses due to the deposit have been released. They do not affect the performance of the material. Their location is limited to the hard layer. They do not propagate in the base metal.


Tôle rechargée anti-usure avec carbure de titane

Fine Titanium carbides dispersed in a martensitic matrix based on Chromium carbide.

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Tuffplate, wear plate hardfaced with stringer beads

The welding process by stringer beads, a particularity of the Tuffplate wear plate, allows to obtain :

  • more homogeneous hardfacing metallurgy (finer carbides due to fast cooling process)
  • more constant hardfacing layer thickness,
  • finer and better distributed cracks,
  • low dilution in the support plate.

These four elements give Tuffplate grades a wear resistance superior to that obtained by conventional hardfacing processes. This specific process implemented by Welding Alloys Group allows superior control of the dilution zone, reduce the weakening of the base plate and the risk of cracks during forming.

Applications of Tuffplate titanium carbide wear plate

Forming: the exceptional quality of Tuffplate hardfacing makes it suitable for cold forming according to specifications that depend on the combination of hardfacing thicknesses and the base material. The plate heated to more than 1200°C can be hot-formed without changing its characteristics.
Areas of use: Liners, impact plates, hoppers
Welding: all conventional welding procedures are applicable to Tuffplate hardfacing. The hardfacing can be repaired or completed with DURCOR electrodes or wires of the same composition as the filler metals.

Hardness of the wear abrasion plate : 52-55 HRC

Thickness (mm)
Base plate + Hardfacing
5+3 2900 x 1900
6+4 2900 x 1900
8+5 2900 x 1900
10+4 2900 x 1900
10+4 2900 x 1900

Other sizes on request.