D31T Clad tubes

D31T Clad tubes

The Clad tubes are made by hardfacing of the inside diameter of a metal tube. The high chromium carbide content of the hardfacing gives them excellent resistance to abrasion. It is the ideal solution for making light and space-saving wear-resistant tubes. Pipes are generally subject to tangential wear by particles carried at high speeds.

The use of tubes 400/500 Hb Quenched pipes is not recommended as it is not very relevant economically and in terms of service life, as abrasion resistant steel behaves like a structural steel when submitted at tangential wear (see table below, resistance to tangential wear). Hardness: 52-55 HRC.

Main applications of hardened wear resistant tubes

The hardfaced tubes are used in industrial applications such as piping for :

  • Cement industry,
  • Quarry,
  • Foundry,
  • Recycling,
  • Incineration plant

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