Hardlite wear plate

HARDLITE wear plate

HARDLITE is an ultra thin clad plate that offers one of the highest hardnesses on the market (66-68 HRC). Hardlite is suitable for the most extreme wear conditions with a moderate level of impact. The hardfacing layer is characterized by a low dilution and made of very homogeneous structure with high content of chromium carbide.

Low thickness and mechanical characteristics of HARDLITE make it a very flexible product, easily formable (possibility to make tubes up to Ø100mm).

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tôle rechargée Harlite, acier rechargé

The wear resistance of HARDLITE combined with its low thickness allows huge weight savings in installations.

HARDLITE Clad plate
Conventional Clad plate
Thickness 2+2 8+5
Weight per m² 32 Kg 104 Kg
  • Homogeneous structure and high hardness
  • Fine grain structure with high chromium carbide content
  • Hardness: 66-68 HRC
  • Dimensions: Size (mm): 1950 x 950
  • Thickness (mm) : 2+2 / 2+3 / 3+2 3+3

Wear resistance of Hardlite wear plate : ASTM G65 laboratory test

Tôle rechargée anti-usure Hardlite tableau caractéristiques

Tôle anti-usure fine Hardlite