Construction and Civil Engineering


Applications examples:

Dam gates, water intake

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Wear-resistant solutions for construction and civil engineering

Wear parts and equipment protection (crushers, hoppers, dumpers, screens, buckets, etc.), structures protection and liners (dams, weirs, various concrete structures)…

Produr specialists, with more than 40 years of experience in the equipment protection as well as in the structures protection, will assist you to combat wear.

Our objectives: Make your installations reliable so that you can achieve your objectives in terms of lifetime, availability and protection of production equipment.

Civil engineering customer case study:

Realization of rolled cones in DURSTEEL 410, thickness 8 mm. Once the boiler making stage was completed, our cones went to the ceramic workshop and were coated in DURHART 200 ceramic, thickness 50.

They are now integrated in a cyclones unit and are now operational to withstand the fumes and dust treatment in the production line of one of our customers.