Cement plant

Applications examples:

Ceramic Pneumatic conveyors, ceramic cyclones, anti-clogging cones, wear resistant piping, elbows, cones, nozzles, chutes, hoppers

Wear resistant solutions for Cement plant

Extraction, milling, sizing, conveying, injection of primary or secondary fuels, cooling, dust removal, mechanical and pneumatic conveying of raw products, clinker or cement… So many areas where your equipment is subjected to abrasion.

Produr and Welding Alloys specialists, with more than 40 years of experience in the cement industry, will support you to combat wear and improve your installations.

Our objective: make your installations reliable and allow you to reach your objectives in terms availability of your installations, protection of your investments and environmental safety of your site.

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Cement factory customer case study

Protection kit for roller guides of a vertical mill in a cement factory, made of DURAPLATE D45T hardfaced plate in our workshops.

DURAPLATE D45T is a clad plate with stringer weld beads manufactured by Welding Alloys France. The weld  overlay is renforced by complex carbide which gives it a very high resistance to abrasion and temperature up to 600°C.

It combines the exceptional wear resistance performance of its chromium carbide and complex carbide coating with the flexibility of its mild steel support.


Roller guide protection kit for vertical mill