Creusabro 6400 – wear-resistant steel

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Performance and processability

The latest addition to the Creusabro range, Creusabro 6400 is designed to meet the needs of builders and users looking for abrasion-resistant steel that outperforms conventional 450 HB steels or is easier to work with than 500 HB steel.

The TRIP effect allows it to achieve a hardness of 530 HB in use while offering better processability than conventional 500 HB steel.



creusabro 6400 pince de démolition


Creusabro® 6400 is designed to offer the best possible combination of wear resistance and exceptional processability.

The specific metallurgy and moderate hardness of Creusabro® 6400 in its delivery state make processing operations such as cutting, machining, or forming easier compared to conventional 450HB and 500HB steels.

Exceptional Properties

  • Self-hardening capability (up to 70 HB)
  • Unparalleled processability for a 530 HB steel
  • Weight savings and payload improvement
  • 100% sourced from recycled steel in an electric furnace.


Processability creusabro 6400

TRIP EFFECT creusabro 6400


Creusabro® steels significantly enhance their wear resistance in service through a surface hardening effect of up to +70 HB, resulting from local plastic deformations caused by the impact or pressure of abrasive particles

TRIP Effect :
• Austenite transformed into hard martensite
• Absorption of impacts and filling of microcracks through the transformation of austenite into martensite
• Matrix containing very hard microcarbides
• Delays surface cracking and particle detachment


Mechanical Properties

Hardness Tensile Strength RE Tensile Strength RM  Elongation Typical resilience
460 → 530HB 1000 MPA 1450 MPA 12% 50J à -20°C, Garantie 27J

Chemical analysis

C S P Mn Ni Cr Mo
≤ 0.22 ≤ 0.003 ≤ 0.02 ≤ 4.2 ≤ 0.25 ≤ 0.25 ≤ 0.2