Composite Wear Plates

Composite Wear plate Duraplate

Duraplate is the reference brand in the field of Wear resistant clad plate. Duraplate has a service life up to 10 times longer than traditional abrasion resistant steels. It provides optimum protection for equipment subjected to extreme wear and tear and allows for longer maintenance intervals. Duraplate’s hardfaced plates consist of a construction steel base and a carbide-rich wear resistant coating applied by welding process. This coating is made from specially developed Welding Alloys cored wire.

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Duraplate : a weldable & resistant wear plate

Duraplate wear plate is a truly composite, weldable, processable, pressure or corrosion resistant depending on the base grade chosen. The nature of the base plate, the metallurgy of each coating and the combination of thicknesses of the two layers allow us to provide Duraplate wear plate solutions adapted to most wear problems.

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The wear resistant coating is carried out in the factory on large plates according to ISO 9001 certified procedures which guarantee high and homogeneous carbide volumes. The Duraplate range is composed of two families of products characterized by weld beads type :

Duraplate Stringer Beads :

The stringer beads welding process allows to obtain :

  • More homogeneous welding beads (with fine carbides) and more constant thickness hardfacing,
  • Finer and better distributed cracks,
  • Low welding dilution in the support plate.

These four elements give a superior wear resistance to that obtained by conventional hardfacing processes.

Duraplate Oscillated beads :

Deposition by oscillating beads allows to obtain

  • Homogeneous and faster welding,
  • Carbides are coarser than in the stringer beads method and the crack system is more important.

It is an economical production process for standard applications.


HARDLITE is an ultra thin wear plate that offers one of the highest hardness on the market (66-68 HRC). Hardlite is suitable for the most extreme wear conditions with a moderate level of impact. The hardfacing layer consists of a very homogeneous structure with a high content of chromium carbide.

  • Thickness (mm): 2+2 / 2+3 / 3+2 / 3+3
  • Hardness (HRC): 66-68
  • Applications: shields, right-angled pipes, fan elements, separators, screw conveyors

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DURAPLATE D31 is a wear plate with oscillated beads, its high chromium carbide content gives it excellent resistance to abrasion, it is an economical solution for basic applications.

  • Thickness (mm): 5+3 / 6+4 / 8+5 / 12+8 (Other dimensions can be produced on request)
  • Hardness (HRC): 60-62
  • Applications: shielding, chutes, hoppers, blades

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DURAPLATE D31T is a premium wear plate with stringer beads, its high chromium carbide content gives it an excellent resistance to abrasion, it is an optimal solution for most applications, especially for complex shaped parts (bending, rolling).

  • Thickness (mm): 3+3 / 4+2 / 5+3 / 6+4 / 8+5 / 10+9 (Other dimensions can be made on request)
  • Hardness (HRC): 60-62
  • Applications: shields, cyclones, chutes, hoppers, blades, screen plates, fans

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DURAPLATE D45T is a wear plate with stringer beads, its complex carbide coating gives it a very high abrasion and temperature resistance up to 600°C.

  • Thickness (mm): 5+3 / 6+4 / 8+5 (Other dimensions can be made on request)
  • Hardness (HRC): 62-64

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Tuffplate is a wear plate with stringer beads. Its rich titanium carbide hardfacing dispersed in a tool steel matrix gives it exceptional properties in terms of  impact, pressure and abrasion resistance.

  • Thickness (mm) : 8+4 / 10+4 / 10+8 / 12+8 / 12+12 (Other dimensions on request)
  • Hardness (HRC) : 52-55
  • Applications: shields, impact plates, hoppers

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D31 Hardfaced tubes are made by hardfacing the inside diameter of a metal tube. The high chromium carbide content of the hardfacing gives them excellent abrasion resistance. It is the ideal solution for making light and space-saving wear-resistant tubes.

  • Diameters (mm): from 40 to 634
  • Hardness (HRC): 60-62
  • Applications: piping for cement industry, quarry, foundry, recycling, incineration plant

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